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  1. GoldenPie_s

    Mute Appeal Format

    IGN: Muted by: Reason: Date of Mute: Why you should be unmuted:
  2. GoldenPie_s

    Staff Format

    【 Format 】: 》Position Applying for : 》Minecraft username : 》Previous Minecraft usernames : 》Time Zone : 》Age 【Note: You must be 15 years old or mature for you age to apply】: 》Do you have access to D̳i̳s̳c̳o̳r̳d̳ and a working microphone? 【yes/no】: 》Do you have the ability to...
  3. GoldenPie_s

    Ban Appeal Format

    IGN: Ban by: Reason: Date of Ban: Why you should be unbanned: